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  • Gallery: Turning up the heat
    THIRSTY WORK. The Panthers put through their paces as the temperature rises... See the best snaps as the Panthers push through a challenging fitness session.
    - 7 mins ago 15 Nov 18, 1:53am -
  • Panthers reveal holiday adventures
    WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS. Here's how some of our Panthers spent their holidays... Tim Browne chats to the Panthers about what they got up to with their time off.
    - 18 hours ago 14 Nov 18, 7:45am -
  • A huge Happy Birthday to Nathan Cleary - 21 today! 🎁🎂🎉
    A huge Happy Birthday to Nathan Cleary - 21 today! 🎁🎂🎉
    - 23 hours ago 14 Nov 18, 3:29am -
  • Revealed: 2019 Home Jersey
    OFFICIAL. Panthers is proud to unveil the 2019 Home Jersey 🔥🔥🔥
    - 1 day ago 13 Nov 18, 11:31pm -
  • Grant: This is home
    "It just felt right, it felt like home." Tim Grant opens up on his return to the club he loves... Tim Grant explains what it means to return to Panthers.
    - 2 days ago 13 Nov 18, 7:41am -
  • Photos from Penrith Panthers's post
    2019 Training Tees looking 👌👌👌 Available at the Panther Shop soon...
    - 2 days ago 13 Nov 18, 4:45am -
  • 2019 Pre-Season: Day 1
    IT STARTS HERE 🏃 Pre-season is officially underway...
    - 3 days ago 12 Nov 18, 7:47am -
  • Gallery: Pre-season begins at Panthers
    THEY'RE BACK. The Panthers hit the ground running on day one of pre-season... See the best photos as the Panthers check in for day one of pre-season training.
    - 3 days ago 12 Nov 18, 12:30am -
  • Kiwis punish England in Leeds
    "Our families, country and fans deserved that." Hear from DWZ following the Kiwis big victory... Kiwis captain Dallin Watene-Zelezniak says he hopes his side’s third Test victory has restored some faith with their fans
    - 3 days ago 11 Nov 18, 9:31pm -
  • Pre-season awaits.
    It all begins tomorrow...
    - 4 days ago 11 Nov 18, 7:19am -
  • Rumoured and Confirmed signings - Part 4
    Looks like we needed another one of these.Gus has confirmed to big sports breakfast that James Segeyaro won't be offered a new contract.Also apparently there will be other signing news this week & next.
    - 85 days ago 22 Aug 18, 2:47am -
  • Round 24 V The Warriors
    Fire away your changes
    - 85 days ago 22 Aug 18, 2:10am -
  • General Discussion Thread
    It seems we actually need one of these.Items on the agenda:1. Catering messed up running out of water. How this happens when we have 7 day forecasts and the crowd was a big one half a week out at least is odd at best.2. Why doesn't Cleary try f…
    - 85 days ago 22 Aug 18, 12:12am -
  • Round 2 3Vs Knights Saturday 18th August 3pm Panthers Stadium
    Let's hope Ciro the undefeated can get some improvement out of them this week.It's round 23 oops.
    - 85 days ago 21 Aug 18, 6:03pm -
  • 2019 coach
    Who's it gonna be?Cameron Ciraldo? Other names mentioned are Barrett, Cartwright, Hasler, McGuire, Bennett and the re-animated ghost of Leo Trevana.
    - 86 days ago 21 Aug 18, 2:57am -
  • Injury update
    Waqa Blake (ankle, round 14)Tyrone May (knee, round 9)Dallin Watene-Zelezniak (jaw, round 7)Tyrone Phillips (pectoral, round 7-8)Nathan Cleary (knee, round 10-11)Tim Browne (bowel, indefinite)Sam McKendry (knee, season)Josh Mansour (cheekbone,…
    - 86 days ago 21 Aug 18, 2:44am -
  • Our run to the finals
    Broncos - awayManly - awayRaiders - homeTitans - awayKnights - homeWarriors- awayStorm - awayI don't see any reason we don't win all but 1 maybe 2 with our players returning for a total of 34 - 36 points.
    - 87 days ago 20 Aug 18, 12:06am -
  • We Are Now Contenders (As of Round 11)
    Yes.Part of me still doubted whether we could take it out in 2018 (One-eyed fans take a hike - Yes you). Now everyone will cross the floor.Not the biggest test we will face, but we easily accounted for the Tigers. And they aren't dogshit like the…
    - 88 days ago 19 Aug 18, 11:02am -
  • Former Panthers in the NRL
    A thread to bash former players who are now clearly overrated. +1 hate if they were a local junior.Moylan? Trash.Cartwright? I'll be at Penrith stadium but I'm sure his lowlights will outweigh his highlights.Someone post the others.
    - 89 days ago 18 Aug 18, 1:09am -
  • Round 22 v Titans
    The big question on team selection is.. What to do with Peachey. Assuming they do infact want DWZ fullback
    - 89 days ago 17 Aug 18, 3:00pm -