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  • Rumours and Stuff
    Brent Read ‏@brentread_7 5s5 seconds agoSemi Radradra's manager George Christodoulou has confirmed he will be back to play Cronulla and will see out his contract until end of 2017.
    - 25 mins ago 16 Aug 22, 6:58am -
  • Do you want Brad Arthur as coach
    Should be interesting to see how this polls.I've seen enough to say he has had enough time and failing miserably. Goodbye
    - 30 mins ago 16 Aug 22, 6:53am -
  • Eels in the media
    I thought I would start a thread where we can post links (or videos) to eels stories that are in the media (but are not signing rumour stories )
    - 32 mins ago 16 Aug 22, 6:51am -
  • Team list Tuesday Rnd 23 vs Dogs
    Will be interesting to see if BA makes changes I'd like to see Rein in for Ogden. Mahoneys form has been poor. 55mins might be his go. We need someone who can run from hooker.Moses I hopes back.Rein, NBrown,Marata,Bryce would be my bench.Prob…
    - 33 mins ago 16 Aug 22, 6:50am -
  • OT: Current Affairs and Politics
    Delboy said:Gronk, I just wanted to let you have a taste of your incessant anti Abbott references which went on for about 2 years.I am to old to worry about labels from the left. Just hate to see what is happenin…
    - 40 mins ago 16 Aug 22, 6:43am -
  • Parramatta Eels Juniors
    - 48 mins ago 16 Aug 22, 6:35am -
  • Eels Next Coach
    OK, so assuming we continue on with this shitty form till the end of the season, we should expect BA to be given his marching orders, although I believe he is still under contract for next season.So, whom do we think should be our next coach ?And…
    - 1 hour ago 16 Aug 22, 6:03am -
  • Run Home Predictions
    Round - Team - Location - Prediction20) V Penrith @ Parra - L21) V Manly @ Manly - W22) V Souths @ Parra - W23) V Bulldogs @ Parra - L24) V Brisbane @ Brisbane - L25) V Storm @ Parra - WToo Optimistic?----------------------Reality:20) V…
    - 2 hours ago 16 Aug 22, 5:47am -
  • Mental Heath
    These forums do more for my mental health than you know; I've come to love visiting the forums, to discuss everything, because it doesn't feel like a chore to me. I'm currently really worried about setting a good example for my son, because I can'…
    - 4 hours ago 16 Aug 22, 3:23am -
  • NRL 360 + other footy shows
    New season kicks off tonight 630pmKevvie Waters will be on telling us all how Ponys will win on Friday no doubt
    - 6 hours ago 16 Aug 22, 1:50am -