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Brands underestimate the lifetime value of a customer early on to save a few $$$$

Denzel Washington still takes acting lessons. Why shouldn’t we still be mastering our craft or passion?

I read that Michael Jordan use to do 100 bounce passes before every practice. It’s considered the easiest pass to do.

The best sports team put culture on pedestal more so than talent of an individual. Business should be the same.

The best player in the team isn’t always the best player for the team!

The correlations between sport and business are uncanny.

Think we value ideas more so than actions

Sex education classes would be more effective if a sound track of a crying baby was played for an hour every class for six weeks straight!

A crying baby is the best form of contraception

People underestimate the power of a smart phone!

We use it to chase status, likes & girls but not knowledge!

The answer to any question in the world is on google - Just hit ENTER

Chinese whispers is a game played by adults as well.

Remember how fun it was to change the story halfway through and watch the end guy look like an idiot. 😂

Telling people you’re gonna struggle the first 18 months in business is like telling people your not gonna walk the first year of your life!

It’s stating the obvious but we glorify it for some reason in entrepreneurship

I remember my maths teacher told me ‘you can’t a calculator with you everywhere’

Hey Siri ‘what’s 6793974639 x 45390?’ 📱📱📱

I remember studying for trigonometry!

I’ve never looked at a triangle as an adult and thought ‘Geez I’d love to what angles are?’

Sin Cos Tan

Clothes are clothes your new font isn’t gonna change the game!

But how do people feel wearing your clothes?

That’s a question that’s important to me 🤔

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