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  • Simple game plan
    1/ their fullback is useless, bomb him all night, he offers nothing in attack 2/ Too and Mansour are no match for Toops and Morris in the air 3/...
    - 3 hours ago 29 Sep 20, 8:07am -
  • Chooks team
    1-Tedesco 2-Toops 3-JMorris 4- Manu 5-B Morris 6-Keary 7-Flanno 8- JWH 9- Lussick 10-SST
    - 5 hours ago 29 Sep 20, 6:09am -
  • Team v Panthers is out
    No Friend (even in the reserves) so won't be playing - concussion Lussick starts at 9 Liu starts at 13 Bmoz and Manu back Sitili holds...
    - 5 hours ago 29 Sep 20, 6:08am -
  • Is it just me?
    Were Souths targeting our older brigade? Moz Aubo Sonny ? Sio had a Barry , as did Ikavala....... tough game against the Riff. confidence...
    - 10 hours ago 29 Sep 20, 1:47am -
  • gus Gould
    i hope we all stick it up gus if we win fri nite he is such a dick
    - 13 hours ago 28 Sep 20, 10:06pm -
  • 50 point loss superstition
    What a load of bullcrap that roosters have to "overcome 112 years of history" to win the comp. People usually aren't smart enough to know the...
    - 23 hours ago 28 Sep 20, 12:35pm -
  • How much will the finals experience help
    If anyone’s got the time to work out how many games of finals experience we have vs panthers would be interesting to know. how much do we think...
    - 1 day ago 28 Sep 20, 9:59am -
  • omg
    what is it with all the scared supporters what is it with the score that doesn't hint that they're hearts wernt in it,a one off scorline a shit team...
    - 1 day ago 28 Sep 20, 6:17am -
  • We are the champions
    Driving and listening to the “Best of Queen” album and when“ We are the champions” came up , memories of Tedesco scoring that try last year and the...
    - 1 day ago 28 Sep 20, 4:29am -
  • Robbo for a week
    If you were Robbo what would you be focusing on this week for the upcoming game vs Penrith i.e What the Roosters need to do in their game plan and...
    - 1 day ago 28 Sep 20, 3:45am -

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