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  • Anyone got news about where Lewis, Napa or Elliott are heading ?
    Just curious, I would think they will get snapped up…any one know who has shown interest and if any traction with enquiries ?
    - 12 mins ago 28 Sep 21, 9:37pm -
    I assure you this isn't a personal vendetta against the Melbourne players Smith and Munster for their latest drama. I am simply stating the obvious...Why the blatant discrimination ???When a Sydney based team players causes a drama they are always…
    - 21 mins ago 28 Sep 21, 9:28pm -
  • Gus on Twitter
    Gus has been pretty busy on Twitter the last few days with plenty of Bulldogs info so I’ll put it all in one thread for anyone that hasn’t seen them.…
    - 32 mins ago 28 Sep 21, 9:17pm -
  • ‘I apologised to Penrith’: Bulldogs sponsor backflips on Burton
    He was agitating for his early releasefrom the Panthers at the start of the season, but Bulldogs backer Arthur Laundy believes Matt Burton’s decision to fulfil his contractual commitments will benefit all parties, declaring “I’m pleased he has…
    - 36 mins ago 28 Sep 21, 9:13pm -
  • A 7 could take us to a new level
    After all our signings now, I feel a 7 could take us to the next level , like a real quality side, I dont know who but a controlling 7 to take pressure off Burto would be so good for us. 9 im unsure on im hoping cooks the goods, if he is, a 7 could b…
    - 38 mins ago 28 Sep 21, 9:11pm -
  • Reflections on Dogs v Parra 98
    Nice to see this posted on Thoughts and memories from the ref of the game (Harrigan) and two of our blokes, the original superboot and Rocket Rod.Defy impossible finals edi…
    - 42 mins ago 28 Sep 21, 9:07pm -
  • Tevita pangai jr to debut for penrith
    Thoughts hes on the bench 15th jersey for penrith
    - 44 mins ago 28 Sep 21, 9:05pm -
  • Josh Stuckey Signed
    Dogs snare new signing for roster overhaul'Should add considerable strike power' Bulldogs…
    - 46 mins ago 28 Sep 21, 9:03pm -
  • Our Team for 2022
    As we have pretty much got a complete roster settled for next year this is my preferred team for round 11. Dufty2. Cotric3. Nadan4. Schoupp5. Fox6. Burton7. Wakeham.8. Vaughen9. JMK10. British Bulldog11. Hetherington12 . Pangai13. Jackso…
    - 51 mins ago 28 Sep 21, 8:58pm -
  • Cronk opinion on Napa
    He actually said that Napa does not have the same access to resources and coaching at the dogs as he did at roosters and that’s the reason why he’s shit now? What a load of tripe
    - 1 hour ago 28 Sep 21, 8:41pm -